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Body contouring is a convenient and effective answer to dealing with small areas of fat that won't shift with dieting. Board-certified dermatologist Linda Honet, MD, FAAD, and her team at Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, have considerable expertise in using advanced technologies like CoolSculpting® and truSculpt® 3D to eliminate unwanted fat with minimal fuss. Call the office today to learn more, or you can request an appointment online.

Body Contouring Q & A


What is body contouring?


Body contouring is a way to reduce stubborn fat pockets that won't go even though you've been exercising and eating a healthy diet. Body contouring can remove fat from areas like the:

  • Belly
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Under the chin

Body contouring is noninvasive and virtually painless, so it's a great alternative to risky surgical procedures. However, body contouring isn't a substitute for a sensible weight-loss plan.

How does body contouring work?

There are several technologies available for body contouring. At Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic, the team uses two state-of-the-art systems:


CoolSculpting technology freezes fat cells in the treatment area. The frozen cells break down, and your body disposes of them, after which they can't grow back.

Exilis Ultra 360™ nonsurgical skin tightening treatment

Exilis Ultra 360 combines radiofrequency with ultrasound to tighten loose skin and contour problem areas. The device uses heating and cooling technologies to stimulate collagen production, resulting in tighter, smoother skin.

The Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic team also uses the Cellutone™ massage device, which helps reduce cellulite and unwanted fat.

What are the benefits of body contouring?

Body contouring is a much simpler solution to fat reduction than surgical treatments, offering benefits such as:

  • No incisions
  • No stitches
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • No need for anesthetic 
  • Low risk of complications
  • Minimal if any discomfort
  • No need for downtime

Fat cells can't grow back after body sculpting, so the results are permanent. You do need to lead a healthy lifestyle as the remaining fat cells could get bigger if you overeat and exercise too little.

How long will it be before I see the results of body contouring?

You should start to see a difference about six weeks after your body contouring treatment at Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic. It takes time for your body to process the dead fat cells, so you won't have an instant transformation like you would after surgery.

After three months, you should be able to appreciate the full effects of your body contouring treatment.

To find out more about the body contouring options available at Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic, call the office or request an appointment online today.