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Laser treatments use light energy to address many common aesthetic problems with minimal pain or downtime. Board-certified dermatologist Linda Honet, MD, FAAD, and her team at Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, have extensive experience using laser technologies to rejuvenate your skin, reduce pigmentation, minimize scarring and other blemishes, and eliminate unwanted hair. Call the office today to learn more or request an appointment online at any time.

Laser Treatments Q & A

What are laser treatments?


Laser treatments use the power of light energy to provide noninvasive aesthetic treatments.

These treatments include addressing common cosmetic problems like:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Unwanted hair
  • Sagging skin
  • Scarring
  • Discoloration
  • Dull complexion
  • Age spots

At Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic, the team uses the Nordlys by Candela and CO2RE® system.

What is the Nordlys by Candela?

The Nordlys by Candela consists of three technologies:

Ellipse IPL™

The Ellipse uses intense pulsed light (IPL) for treating issues like permanent removal of unwanted hair. It does this by damaging the follicles where hair grows. Ellipse is highly effective as a skin rejuvenation treatment and for vascular conditions like spider veins.

Frax 1550

Frax 1550 is a nonablative fractional treatment, which means your provider uses it for skin resurfacing procedures. Frax 1550 works by heating the surface of your skin to stimulate new collagen production. This helps fill in imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles and improve the texture of your skin.  

Nd:YAG 1064

Nd:YAG 1064 can treat problems like diffuse facial redness.

The Nordlys by Candela uses SoftCool technology with the Frax 1550 and Nd:YAG 1064 applications. SoftCool gives out a stream of cool air to keep you comfortable during your treatment and prevent discomfort afterward.

What is Candela CO2RE®?

CO2RE is a technology your provider uses to do skin resurfacing. It's possible to set the device to different levels for light treatments or more intense treatments. Resurfacing takes place on the outer layer of skin (epidermis), but intense treatments go deeper and affect the dermis underneath as well.

CO2RE is effective in reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. It also enhances skin tone and texture and treats the effects of sunlight and aging on your skin. CO2RE achieves this by encouraging neocollagenesis, the growth of new collagen cells in your skin.

What are laser treatments like?

Laser treatments are generally quick, taking as little time as 10 minutes for many procedures. The degree of discomfort varies depending on what type of treatment you're having. For example, nonablative laser therapy causes minimal discomfort, whereas a more intense skin resurfacing treatment could make your skin feel a little sore.

Often the difference is that treatments that cause more discomfort tend to produce more dramatic effects. Your provider at Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic gives you all the information you need to make an informed choice on the best procedure for your skin.

Recovery after laser treatments could take a week or two for more in-depth treatments like skin resurfacing. For milder treatments, any slight degree of discomfort should be gone within hours.

Find out more about the benefits of laser treatments and the wide range of laser services available at Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic. Call the office today or request an appointment online.