New Year, New Me!

Here at HDC, we operate in a very organized manner (thanks to Dr. Honet, of course), and naturally, we can’t move into a new year without setting fresh goals and putting them into place. The office one-liner is, “New year, new me!” and this new year, this may actually be the case.

From a general point of view, the possibility for growth within the office, both cosmetically and medically is endless. We have new devices and procedures coming on the horizon and lots of new treatment options to offer to our patients. We want to set goals in 2017 to be the best we can be as a practice and to provide the exceptional medical, surgical, and aesthetic care for our patients to keep skin healthy, vibrant, and resilient.

Our New Year’s resolutions as staff members span the spectrum. Just like us as individuals, our resolutions are unique, too. That’s what makes our HDC team so strong. Our differences as individuals allow us to complement each other exceptionally well, but our single mindedness to deliver the best care to our patients as possible allows us to work effectively as a team. Let us share with you some of our goals for this year.

Adelle is going to make a priority to enjoy the little things in life, and wants to set her mind to learning something new each day. Learning and expanding our knowledge are what life is all about, don’t you think? We know that at HDC, we are always learning something new every day, whether it is learning about a new drug or discovering a new application in our EMR.

Kori wants to regain her footing to get more fit and get back into her gym routine. Getting healthier is always a fantastic goal that all of us want to achieve as well, and daily exercise is an essential component to this. Daily exercise results in reduced weight, better mental health, and improved bone density, and reduces one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Health is always a priority at Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic.

Jasmine looks forward to spending more time on her beauty routine, especially focusing on getting her skin, hair and nails healthier. All of us can definitely relate to this resolution. When it comes to skin health and skincare, each and every one of us has stepped up to the plate and can honestly say that although each of us has made great strides, keeping skin healthy is always a work in progress.

Raneen seeks more positivity and wants to make efforts to procrastinate less. Positivity in one’s personal life can make all the difference in the world. Not only is positivity contagious, but a positive frame of mind leads to better relationships. less stress, and healthier lifestyles. Plus, it is shown to prolong your lifespan! Who doesn’t want that? And besides, laughing and joy make for less wrinkles!

Carolyn wants to take extra steps towards simplifying meal times and cooking meals for herself and her family on a more regular basis. Being a working mom of young children is a daily challenge of balance and organization, but Carolyn seems to have a good handle on this. If you’ve ever met her beautiful girls, you’d know that Carolyn is rather good at this working-mom thing.

Senada’s plan for 2017 includes getting back on the healthy-eating wagon. Plus, she wants to focus on her skincare regimen, where she is more diligent when it comes to using her products. Each and every one of us (except for maybe Dr. Honet) has fallen off this wagon with our skincare regimen. But we all know that consistency and compliance are keys to beautiful skin. Just ask Dr. Honet.

Sarah also wants to work on her general health this year. She believes in personal growth everyday and works towards making small, daily changes. To help meet these goals, she wants to continue to pay less attention to negative, draining people and focus on becoming a better person herself. We are proud to say that Sarah recently completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She wants to concentrate on her future healthcare career to become a well-rounded, excellent PA someday. And on the health side, Sarah is in the middle of an Accutane cycle, where seeing the improvement has really inspired her to work harder towards perfecting her skin and reversing the damage she’s done in the past.

Finally, as some of you may know, Dr. Honet doesn’t really set New Year’s resolutions because she believes that she should be working on small goals, targeted affirmations, and her personal big picture throughout the year. Having said that, health and well-being for her patients, her staff, and herself are always on Dr. Honet’s agenda. You can read more about her reflections and what she has learned in 2016 here.

As you can see, several of us have chosen better skin health and skincare as part of our New Year’s resolutions. If your goals for 2017 also include improving your skin, let us guide the way. We have so many treatment options and lots of skincare advice to help each of you to get your skin to the best shape and healthiest state it can be. From CoolSculpting to permanently destroy fat cells to Nordlys Photorejuventation to treat sun damage and dark spots, and Ultherapy to noninvasively lift and tighten your skin, we have a myriad of treatment possibilities to fit your skincare needs. Let Dr. Honet and her staff create a customized rejuvenation regimen of skincare products and aesthetic procedures just for you. Let us help you revitalize, repair, and rejuvenate and get the best and healthiest skin it can be for 2017 and for a lifetime!

–Senada and Dr. H

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