Innovations In Skincare: The Magic Of The Combination Treatment

Senada and I are continuing our series called “Innovations in Skincare,” where we update you with all things regarding skincare and skin health, ranging from anti-aging treatments to new and future medical breakthroughs in the field of dermatology. Stay tuned as we explore the amazing innovations and technologies that are emerging and sweeping the field of dermatology here in the United States and worldwide.

Here is the second installment in our “Innovations in Skincare” series, The Magic of the Combination Treatment, where we will get a glimpse of some exciting procedures that are hot in the world of cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology.


–Dr. H

In the evolving world of aesthetics, there are always hot new procedures and products that surge in popularity, ranging from new laser treatments to new skincare products. We always have our eye out for the newest and greatest and love to stay on top of what is up and coming in the beauty market. And of course, we love to share our discoveries with you.

The newest kid on the block isn’t really a new kid, but it is the actual cosmetic approach which is the  newly crowned king of all cosmetic procedures, the “combination treatment.”  This is where the combined effects of more than one treatment are harnessed to maximize treatment outcomes and benefits. AT HDC, we have been performing combination treatments for quite awhile. We are huge fans of combination therapy in our office because not only is this approach more efficient in terms of time, but more often than not, the combination naturally  allows for better results compared to each treatment alone. It also provides better results than expected when combined. The combination has a synergistic effect, boosting one another for remarkable results. The idea behind combining two modalities is simple, as we just mentioned, but the bottom line is that it leads to more effective clinical results and increased patient satisfaction. Why let your treatments stand-alone when your treatments can stand together and give you more efficacy and better results?

We recently hosted a Fire and Ice event that showcased both the CoolSculpting® and BTL VanquishME™ treatments. The idea of combining treatments is becoming tremendously popular, and the options of combinations are endless. Another popular combination treatment is Kybella® paired with CoolSculpting®’s CoolMini applicator for individuals with larger submental (double-chin) areas.

Another amazing example is combining a dermal filler like Belotero Balance® with cosmetic Botox® around the perioral areas to smooth out vertical lines and to improve the jaw and chin. One that Dr. Honet is so excited about called the AquaGold® finetouch. I have blogged about it before here. In a nutshell, this amazing treatment combines Botox®, dermal fillers like Belotero®and your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and microneedles it into the superficial layers of your skin, where these rejuvenating ingredients are needed the most. Wow! Imagine having Dr. Honet mix this customized “cocktail” just for you! This remarkable treatment results in glowing, smoother, and tighter skin, smaller pores, and less fine wrinkles. It can even help to diminish old acne scars. Those are just a few treatments that are increasingly popular in the office, but there are many, many more.

And let’s not forget that the whole basis of topical anti-aging therapy for the skin is fundamentally and necessarily combination treatments. Dr. Honet has been doing combination treatments for her own skin for decades and is always touting the importance of doing your “homework” and taking care of your skin every single day. Certainly, if you are one of our patients, you have been educated and indoctrinated about skincare. Believe me when I say that all of us staff members are complete aficionados of skincare as well, and we are very, very diligent about taking care of our skin because it simply works. Why spend the money on cosmetic treatments if you aren’t going to take care of your skin at home and optimize your skin health in every way? Yes, skincare is a no-brainer.

Although non-surgical treatments are all the rage, there has been much advancement in bigger and more extensive surgical procedures as well across the board. Although we do not offer surgical body modifications here at Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic, we are aware that there are patients who are interested in taking this surgical route. And sometimes, the surgical route is the most effective and best option for a particular patient. One of the latest and greatest groundbreaking procedures that has become increasing popular is hi-def liposculpture or hi-def liposuction. Different from typical liposuction, hi-def liposuction not only removes fat, but it also tightens skin, and is done in such a way to contour the body. Hi-def liposuction often utilizes a 4D technology or other device assitance to provide patients with phenomenal results. This is a highly-specialized surgical process and should be performed by only the most expert and specially- and specifically-trained board-certified cosmetic dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Often, a doctor that routinely does cosmetic liposuction may perform this kind of procedure, which is much more intensive and aggressive for body sculpting. Ask us about it if you are interested.

With all the advancements in technology, lasers and light energy technology is also evolving rapidly. Hybrid machines are at the top right now, providing multiplatform treatments and excellent results, Here at HDC, our Ellipse® Nordlys laser machine is multiplatform, and everyone loves it because of the incredible clinical results and amazing patient comfort. We love it not only because of its powerful clinical abilities, but it also treats a wide spectrum of skin types safely and more comfortably. Combined with other treatments with devices like Ultherapy®, you can achieve significant rejuvenative and transformative results.

Another combination treatment that’s making a comeback is the advanced Bovie® J-Plasma® skin resurfacing procedure. Although it is not widely available yet in the world of skin rejuvenation, this device was launched in 2014 for use in general surgery for its multitude of applications with minimal collateral tissue damage. It utilizes cold helium plasma with radiofrequency energy to cut, treat and coagulate tissue, and more recently to resurface the skin. It is an all-in-one in that it can reduce the appearance of sun damage and age spots, while also inducing tremendous tightening and lifting of the skin. The radiofrequency waves are pushed into a strong, concentrated focus by the helium plasma (a very different kind of plasma than from your blood), allowing for great control and reduced surrounding trauma to the skin. This procedure does involve a lot of downtime post-procedure, but the results are remarkable. Note that this one too needs the hands of a very skilled, specifically-trained board-certified cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon, who performs this type of procedure routinely. If you are looking to improve the texture and tone of your skin, while drastically lifting and tightening without going under the knife, Bovie® J-Plasma® may be a great option for you. Ask us about this one too if you are interested.

As you can see, we are always looking for the latest and greatest advances in the world of cosmetics and aesthetics. I hope this glimpse peaks your interest, as it does mine, and I promise to keep you posted. Stay tuned for more in our series, “Innovations in Skincare” in the coming months.

Happy, Healthy Skin!

–Senada and Dr. Honet

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