Lush Lashes Are Only A “Blink” Away

When it comes to eyelashes, everyone wants to have full, long, lush lashes, but that combination is not always the easiest to achieve. Between curling, combing, then layering on primer and mascara, the road to achieving the perfect “oo-la-la” lashes is a laborious and time-consuming one. However, the method of attaining the perfect-lash look isn’t limited to the use of only primer and mascara. From DIY or professional salon-only options, there are numerous brands and types of false eyelashes, different types of eyelash extensions, and even medication available to help to grow your own lashes.

False lashes are available everywhere from drugstores to high-end boutiques. These lashes can come as individual strands or full strips for the entire lash line. There are lashes made of synthetic fibers, lashes made of natural mink or silk, and even lashes made of real human hair. Although false lashes can give you the look you want in no time, the actual application can be a tedious one. It requires exact precision with a very steady hand to place the lashes correctly and place them exactly where you want them. These false or fake lashes are commonly applied with a glue, so users can find it to be a time-consuming, messy hassle. Because of the use of glue or adhesive, fake eyelashes can be potentially damaging to the lashes and eyes.

New on the market of this “falsies” trend is magnetic lashes. Yes, magnetic! Because they are magnetic, these lashes avoid all the annoyance and mess of glue with the traditional fake lashes. A company called One Two Cosmetics created this innovative concept. The One Two Lash is a system of magnetic lashes that gives you the perfect lash look everyone is looking for. These lashes are sold as two half-strips for each eye and are reusable. This half-strip concept allows the users to create a full, winged appearance to their lashes. The two half-strips, placed on the top and bottom lashes create a sandwich around your real lashes, which fuse together with their attached magnet. Sold in four styles, Original, Bold, Accent, and Filler, there are several options for whatever look you would like to achieve. Gentle care should be maintained when applying or removing these magnetic lashes, so that your own lashes are not damaged, tugged or pulled out in the process.

Beside these false lashes, eyelash extensions have also become increasingly popular. Millennials and other generations alike all want to achieve the look of voluminous glamorous lashes, while still maintaining a more natural look. Eyelash extensions create a thick, dark lash look without the fuss of fake lashes or piling on the mascara. Eyelash extensions are created from silk, mink, or synthetic materials. The key to extensions is to have them done at a reputable salon and applied by a well-trained technician. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is ideal to do your research to educate yourself on which salon has the professional experience and expertise to perform the application correctly and safely, and to know the type of care these extensions may need. These lash extensions are applied by a trained technician, where hundreds of individual lashes are meticulously applied, fractions of millimeters away from the natural lash line. This creates an illusion of volume and length. Be aware that these lash extensions are not permanent, so they do have to be reapplied every few months. The process can also be costly and potentially damaging to your eyes and lashes, especially if not done correctly.

Another effective option is to apply a medication or treatment to your lash line to stimulate your own lashes to grow longer and fuller. There are numerous companies that offer this option, but the tried and true is Latisse®, which is an FDA-approved topical solution that stimulates the growth and length of eyelashes. Because it is a prescription medication, it is only available at a doctor’s office or pharmacy. And because it is a prescription used for cosmetic purposes, it is still an out-of-pocket expense. BUT it really works and the results are remarkable. Some women even have to trim their lashes because they get so long. Most women who try it swear by it and never stop. When applied as directed, one can expect to see lash growth within 1 to 2 months. The medication is sold with sterile applicators, so that the solution can be applied to the lash line daily in a safe and hygienic way. The only down side is that when users stop applying Latisse®, the lashes will return to their natural, normal state. We offer Latisse® at our office, and we have to admit that it is a very popular item.

So there you have it. Long, full, lush, beautiful eyelashes are only a “blink” away.

–Senada and Dr. H

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