Sparkle And Shine For The Holidays

If there were an appropriate time to bring out the sparkle and shine in your winter beauty regimen, that time would be right now during this wonderful holiday season. With parties and soirees galore, it’s important to not only look your best, but also to stand out with a bit of glitter and dazzle. Shining and sparkling bright are the hot trend this 2016 winter season, so let’s take a look at how we can help you achieve this.

DefenAge® is one of our newest product lines here at HDC. Dr. Honet discovered it while at her ASDS meeting the first week of November (read about the ASDS meeting in Dr.H’s blog post here at, and it already promises to be one of our HDC favorites. What’s so amazing is not only is its technology state-of-the-art, but it also rejuvenates the skin efficiently and quickly. Combined with other cosmeceuticals we have in our office, this line may be a home run! All of the products in DefenAge® contain powerful peptides called Defensins that naturally rejuvenate and repair the skin. But the powerhouse sleeper of this line that is suitable for all skin types is the 2-Minute Reveal Masque. The 2-Minute Reveal Masque is one product that will definitely give you the radiant boost you need during the holidays. This cream masque is infused with ultrafine sugar crystals and enzymes that work together to renew the skin and remove the dull, unwanted cells that the winter weather brings. It’s recommended that you use this product up to twice weekly, and it will instantly refresh and reveal the healthy, glowing skin you crave this holiday season. Of course, this can be used alone or in combination with any of our other skincare lines, but it was specifically designed to be used with the rest of the DefenAge® products. Whether you use it alone, or in combination with other anti-aging lines, your face will regain the radiance and luminosity you once had years ago.

A sparkling go-to in our office is Restorsea®’s 24kt Liquid Gold Facial Oil. We do love our Restorsea® products around here, and it is definitely one of our most favorites. But the 24kt Liquid Gold Facial Oil is a standout among them all. This moisturizing facial oil contains not only a high concentration of Restorsea®’s powerhouse AquabeautineXL® enzyme, but it also contains authentic 24kt gold flakes. You can literally see the swirling gold, glowing fragments. Applying it as your final layer after your products and before your makeup will lock in the moisturizer, add a soft, subtle luster to your face, and can be the best addition you could make to your regimen this season. You can even mix a drop or two to your foundation for some more soft sparkle and shine. All of us girls at HDC love this little boost of glow to our makeup regimen!

The latest Restorsea® product that is a must-have in your beauty routine is LipMagic. We are literally obsessed with this enchanting lip treatment. It is so new and exclusive that very few practices in the country actually carry it yet. When we get a shipment at HDC, it literally flies off our shelves. RestorseaPro® LipMagic is really a pioneer product like no other on the market right now, simply because there are so few, if any, anti-aging lip treatments that really work. Like the rest of the line, this product is anchored by the AquabeautineXL®  enzyme, which works to “digest” and rid the lip surface of the dead, unwanted skin, while increasing the definition and plumpness of the lips. Often, the surface of the lips is the most ignored and is subject to the most beating. Lips get a lot of wanted attention with lip gloss and lip color, but this extra attention can leave your lips dull, dried out, and abused. Our lips are not only constantly exposed to makeup, they are also bombarded by various foods, drinks, and environmental elements, which leave the skin covering the lips dry, battered, and vulnerable. We do try to help our lips by applying a little lip balm or petroleum jelly for moisture, but often times, this isn’t enough. Although moisturizing our lips is better than nothing, they really do need more attention and care. Until now, there wasn’t much available on the market, until LipMagic came to the rescue! LipMagic not only contains Restorsea®’s AquabeautineXL® enzyme, but it also contains key ingredients like soybean seed extract, palm oil, brown algae, and vitamin C, which work together to redefine your lips and leave them feeling smooth and soft. We love this product so much so that in the office, LipMagic is truly within an arm’s reach to be whipped out and applied by one of our girls. In fact, you will find Dr. Honet often pairing LipMagic with our various lip treatments in the office for the maximum anti-aging benefit for our attention-starving lips.

Besides skincare, there are so many new beauty products on the market for the holidays. The hot, new beauty trend this winter holiday season is to add a powerful punch of sparkle and shine with holographs and glitter in your makeup. Although these additions to your evening or holiday look are not for the faint of heart, they are ones that can dramatically change your look from ho-hum to go-glam!

Another exploding trend in the makeup world this season is the holographic and translucent lip-glosses. Every major makeup brand has incorporated a new holographic or translucent lip-color into their winter product lines. This shimmery, transparent look is perfect when layered over your favorite lip color and is a great look for your holiday party or a special night out with friends.

Let’s not forget the nails! Mirrored nails are the new, fun trend that blew up this June and is the hot nail look during the holiday season. This nail look is especially perfect for your New Year’s celebrations coming up. The mirror powder is applied to wet nails, and when dried, the mirrored and holographic magic happens. Ask your favorite nail salon if they can give you these glam nails. For DYI-ers, check out the Essie® Winter 2016 Collection or YSL’s La Laque Couture Holiday 2016 For more about nail care basics, read about it in our blog post here at

And of course, during this festive winter season, everyone’s favorite cosmetic brands have released their new holiday makeup palettes. Keep an eye out for the plums, merlots, and burgundies, which are the hot, trendy hues you’ll find in the eye shadows, lip colors, and nail polish of this winter season. Couture makeup companies like Marc Jacobs® or Laura Mercier® have released their 2016 holiday lines and giftables, so check out the beauty aisle at your favorite retailer and find something that is fresh, bold, and perfect for you.

Let us at HDC help you sparkle and shine this winter. We would love for you to stop by soon before you get caught up and “wrapped up” in the whirlwind of this merry holiday season. Happy Holidays!

–Senada and Dr. H

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